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2013-01-06 03:22 pm
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I had really good intentions to start posting in this before now. But then I'd posted some pictures of some of the decorations I was making on Facebook and had some friends and family ask me to make them some. Then some friends at work ordered some too and, well it got a little busy especially with the Christmas baking too. I'm going to start making some sets up earlier this year and maybe set up a Folksy account too. But anyway, I thought I'd start the new year off by posting some of the things I've been making.

Christmas crafts this way )
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2012-10-31 12:23 pm

Partially Friends Only

Hi, my name's Sirena. This isn't my first or only blog, but I wanted a new one. Something that will be for rambling about crafting, cooking, books and music and my future life away from the city hopefully. Something pretty and fresh and new. They'll probably be a little bit of other stuff creeping in and some real life this too.

I'm going to make it partially friends only though so...