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Puck has fled the haunts of men.

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Kendas are a fantasy race of creatures. They’re like Hobbits in size; small and easily mistaken for children. They have this insatiable curiosity and it’s always getting them into trouble, but in a completely innocent way. They just can’t resist big red button that say’s ‘DON’T PRESS.’ They love shiny things and sparkly stuff and in a way they are a bit like me.

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I’m a British 30 year-old. I trained to teach, but now I work in the library service. I can be very shy and I have a tendency to be a little anti-social, but when I’m in the mood I’ll talk your ear off. I’m eclectic in most areas and interests in my life, from friends to music to books. Prejudice and dishonesty are the two things I find hard to forgive in myself or others.

I love books entirely too much. I can barely ever part with them, and I always have to have at least one in my bag; they’re like old friends and I treasure every one. I’m a total geek and I enjoy that fact. I love music - lots of different styles, but I’ll admit to having a fondness for Folk, indie and the classic rock and blues that my dad used to play to me. I like being outside, and I love nature. I love simple things and curling up on the settee with my pets and SO.

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